“Women have served in the American military for 400 years…alongside men as soldiers in three wars, and since the 1992, a significant number of them are training, fighting and returning from combat…Lack of recognition is a problem…Women veterans are rarely stopped by people who want to shake their hands…somehow they go unrecognized as returning warriors…“Female veterans’ stories clearly have the power to change and enrich our understanding of war. But their unsung epics might also have the power to change our culture, our art, our nation and our lives.”
— The New York Times, April 2014
“MGTN is the perfect mix of highly experienced women speakers, an exploration of personal interests and possibilities, and participants with a rich blend of experience. This triad serves as a support network as we pursue our next careers!”
— Maria del Pilar Ryan, Ph.D., Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

“I thought the military would be more rigid in a way and not really very emotive and would speak from their heads. I was really touched by some of the stories they told. They were really speaking from a different place than I had expected, and it made me realize that with this mix of civilian and military, we’re all really women at the end of the day—with our own stories.”
— Lori Levin, CEO Creative Convergence
Producer/Reality TV Show/PR/Brand Executive

“You only know what you know, so I thought I had a pretty good sense of what it must be like to be in the civilian sector, but this has really opened it up in a very deep, transparent way. We felt very safe here, so everyone was very open and transparent and it was a wonderful collaborative event. There were a lot of common areas, a lot of overlap that helped me better form what I might like to do in the second part of my life. It was developed on my own. The exercises were very very key and were really facilitating and focusing on the collaboration, so that we were able to support and provide that insight from an external view, something that’s very difficult to do on your own, by yourself, a wonderful experience.”
— Patricia Cole, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)
“I feel very strongly that women need, and everyone needs professional development, and, and, and, and help like what Carole Hyatt is giving. It’s rare. It’s so rare to find people like Carole who will not only share herself, but will bring her world of influence together to help us, those of us in transition. I recommend that all women look for, look for executive coaches, and I think Carole Hyatt has just done a tremendous favor to the development of women’s advancement.”
— Carol Evans, President/CEO, Working Mother Media
“MGTN provides a space where you really can be vulnerable with your dreams – it’s not easy to talk about those things that you aspire to or you think about what you wish you could do. Here you have the opportunity and a very safe space to actually lay those things out on the table, get feedback and also a great deal of encouragement about exploring them further. I have a different sense of “next” – before it was theoretical and now “next” is tangible.”
— Tammy Smith, Brigadier General, U.S. Army Reserve
“I can’t say enough good things about MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT, about how women have the opportunity to network, and it is such a rare thing to be with executive level women, to share those ideas and to speak freely, and be open about what their experiences have been — it’s just wonderful.”
— Marianne Watson, Brigadier General (Retired)

“This session has been incredible just because it’s the brainstorming of people, sharing information, the women who attend, the speakers are phenomenal and so, it definitely will, and I was not too sure it would, to be honest, help me move forward.”
— Brenda Oppermann, Stability Operations and International Development Advisor

“I think it’s always important to understand the value of diversity. To understand the value of sharing stories. And sharing experiences. There’s very few times that you can’t take something away from the experience of others. And the moment you start thinking you know it all is the moment you’re doomed to fail.”
— Carol Eggert, Brigadier General & Assistant Adjutant General for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard (Retired)

“This workshop provided a very effective framework for planning my next chapter while fueling the process with the energy and creativity of like-minded women.”
— Nora Ryan, Chief of Staff at EPIX, (partnership of Paramount/Viacom, MGM and
Lionsgate,) Former President and CEO, Sundance Channel
“It helped broaden the aperture of my understanding of ‘transition’ from both the professional military and civilian career perspective. I gained great insights and ideas from others through our brainstorming and focus exercises.”
— Sharon K. Dunbar, Major General, U.S. Air Force (Retired)
“I was curious about the leadership component and now I’m very excited to spread the word because I feel that It’s inspiring to learn about new ideas that women can consider like starting their own business and it was inspiring to connect at this level with other women.”
— Lisa Beatha, University Director of Veterans’ Affairs, CUNY

“I can frankly tell you that this weekend has changed my life! I am now open to possibilities I never considered or imagined were possible for me…”
— Karen Quinn, Vice President, Marketing Education,
American Express (and as a result of “Getting to Next,” now a Best-Selling Author)