Carole Hyatt is the author of such breakthrough best-selling books as When Smart People Fail, Shifting Gears, Lifetime Employability, The Women’s Selling Game, and others. Her work has helped millions of people throughout the world effectively identify and accomplish their goals.


The Woman’s New Selling Game:
How to Sell Yourself —and Anything Else

Today, more than ever, women need to grasp the basic career skill of selling themselves, in addition to their products and services, in order to move beyond the glass ceiling and/or launch their own business ventures. Drawing from two decades of seminal work and hundreds of interviews with women and men from a wide spectrum of fields, this groundbreaking book details the experiences of real businesswomen. Most of all, in The Woman’s New Selling Game, Carole proves that any woman — in any endeavor — can come out a winner.

“An innovative, entertaining and highly practical guidebook.”

— Carolyn E. Setlow, Vice President, Director of Corporate Planning, Newsweek

When Smart People Fail: Rebuilding
Yourself For Success

Co-authored by Linda Gottlieb

Everyone is afraid to fail. Most people eager to succeed fail to understand that there can be no lasting success unaccompanied by failure. This book is invaluable because it puts that vital point in perspective. It does so with luminous instances of failures described by people famed for their success. When Smart People Fail is a must-read for those who need to understand how setbacks can be made into stepping-stones to the top.

“A must for those who need to understand how setbacks can be made into stepping-stones to the top.”

— Forbes

Lifetime Employability: How to Become Indispensable

In this book, Carole will guide you through the mysteries of the business universe and bring them down to earth. This is a handbook to help you evaluate your attitudes, your skills, and your goals. Lifetime Employability is designed to increase your staying power, to help you become alert to opportunities, and to be realistic about your situation and your options in the workplace. The book will help you clarify how trends in the marketplace have affected you; how companies are run and how methods of working are shifting. And, it’s filled with real-life stories from the business world.

“Hyatt’s examples aren’t merely inspiring; they help readers see the obstacles to making major change and determining whether they have what it takes to orchestrate a career make over.”

— U.S. News & World Report

Shifting Gears: How to Master Career Change and Find the Work that’s Right for You

This book addresses the fact that most people will have several career changes in the decades ahead. These changes can be self-initiated, such as a move from industry into one’s own business, or can be imposed as a result of downsizing or merger. Hyatt uses the results of interviews with 300 people who succeeded in career transitions to develop a framework for self-evaluation and mastering the career change process. This process includes understanding individual work styles, identifying the triggers of change, getting stuck, dealing with barriers to change, and defining career paths. Throughout the book, short stories of successful career transitions are discussed. Particularly timely in today’s corporate climate, this book is highly recommended for all general collections.

“Hyatt has an uncanny knack for illuminating realities and [helping] you recognize who you are in the context of the job market, and acting on that knowledge.”

— Chicago Tribune
Game Changers 360 – Battlefields and Boardrooms: Women’s Leadership in the Military and the Private Sector, January 2015
Report on women’s leadership produced by the Center for a New American Strategy (CNA) comparing the experiences of executive women in the private sector with female senior military officers. By Nora Bensahel, Davide Barno, Katherine Kidder and Kelley Sayler

“The end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan marks the close of the first era where women rose through the military ranks into significant leadership roles. As the first female graduates of the service acadamies from the class of 1980 approach the 35th anniversary of their commissioning, the moment offers an opportunity to reflect upon the individual and institutional characteristics enabling the rise of women into senior leadership roles across the services.” p. 5

Down to Business
Transition Essentials Guide
MOAA’s Transition Center experts have lived through their share of transitions and they can help you deal with what you’re facing now. Whether you’re experiencing your first or 50th career change, or if you’re embarking on a new business venture as an entrepreneur, the Down to Business Career Transition Essentials guide can give you the fundamentals you need to get started.