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From Carole Hyatt, February 21, 2015

Welcome to MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT, which is my next amazing step along a very long and successful journey of working very closely with women in leadership.

I have been doing this kind of transitional training for about 40 years working with women worldwide on all continents. I recently added women military leaders to the experience of executive level women to create MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT. These workshops/symposia are extraordinary. I have never had an experience with women whose remarkable backgrounds are so rich and diverse, and whose accomplishments on behalf of their country have been performed with so much humility and the awareness of the example they are setting for those who succeed them. I have been exposed to greatness throughout my career, and the level demonstrated in MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT exceeds all.

Putting ranking military women together with executive level women who think and function differently opens up a new kind of dialogue. These two groups together, speaking together, being together, being, and seeing what they can do together is just heartwarming. It is heartwarming to such a degree because they have everything working for them. They just need the path, and knowing each other and getting assistance from one another expedites and validates the path.

Moving forward, I hope to have those who have gone through MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT develop and facilitate their own workshops/symposia so they can help women at lower levels. We’ve started at the top, and we’re going to bring more and more women into leadership positions, managing transitions as they continue their career without losing traction, and taking full advantage of all opportunities available to them. For the high ranking military women, in particular, once again they can contribute in yet another way to grow the American workplace.

Carole Hyatt

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