“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
— Helen Keller

For the first time in American history, women in the military are retiring in unprecedented numbers, due to both the 35th anniversary of the first female graduates from military academies and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Simultaneously and also at numbers never before experienced in history, women own businesses as entrepreneurs, sit in the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies, serve on Boards and have an active presence in today’s American workforce. For both sectors, during times of career transition, a range of challenges come into play often creating obstacles to ones “NEXT”career move. Sometimes the career options feel too wide open and often they feel too limited, based on ones narrow view of what’s possible. MISSION: GETTING TO NEXT harnesses the collective leadership of both civilian and military women and uses the interaction as a catalyst for self-exploration and change. Drawing on her experience over the past 40 years of working with executive level women across the globe, Carole Hyatt has created this breakthrough workshop with these two groups of vibrant, unstoppable women who have so much to share and learn from each other. The goal of MGTN is to help women seamlessly transition into new leadership opportunities and professionally contribute to a stronger and more sustainable American economy. To date, the response to MGTN has surpassed expectations.

“MGTN was an incredible experience!…Carole has built a force multiplier – a cadre of women who have and continue to reinvent themselves to even greater success – while also bringing along others in the journey…It was amazing to have others in the room ‘connect the dots’ to provide me insight into potential alternatives for my ‘next.’”
— Amy S. Courter, National Commander of All-Volunteer Civil Air Patrol (Retired)
“I don’t think I ever met, and rarely did I ever meet a high level military woman, no less interact with them on such a familiar and intimate level. This was a very unique experience. It allowed me to experience very accomplished women who have taken a very different path to their success than I have or from any other person I know in the business world. Because of my meeting with military women and trying to understand what their needs are in transitioning out of the military, I was able to think about my skills, what I’m good at and I think I’ve come up with what I realize could be a great concept for the future.”
— Christianne R. Ricchi , Owner/Chef of Ristorante i Ricchi, Washington, DC

“Having some experience working with both military and executive level women, I find that mix of the cultures is exceptionally rewarding for both types of people. I think the military executives, the military women have so much to give and the way they have led, the determination, the plan that must be accomplished – whatever the task is – and yet women executives from the civilian industry have a diverse wealth of experience and a different way to accomplish problem solving that military women can get a lot from – but that mixture is a powerful mixture.”
— Barbara Faulkenberry, Major General, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

“Leaving Wall Street at the height of my investment banking career was daunting. But, as I searched to find the next chapter in my life’s journey, under the professional guidance of Carole Hyatt, I was inspired by the community of like-minded seekers to start my own business as an author, speaker, consultant for Fortune 500 companies and inventor of the Rittenhouse Executive Candor Ranking… I have grown into the person I was meant to be.”
— L.J. Rittenhouse, CEO Rittenhouse Rankings, Inc.
Author: Investing Between the Lines, Buffett’s Bites, and more
“Carole Hyatt’s work gets to the essence of what I find that our transitioning veterans need — especially for women veterans who appear to face additional challenges of re-entry into the workplace.”
— Art DeGroat, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
U.S. Army Director/Founder of Military Affairs, Kansas State University